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Kraft Paper

About Product

Kraft papers are produced by the method of kraft process which converts wood into wood pulp. Paper formed through such process is usually brown (can also be bleached to produce white paper) and is coarse in texture. It is employed in the fabrication of paper bags, sacs, envelopes and other packaging materials.We have emerged as a noted importer and supplier of world class Kraft papers for varied applications. Our product range includes Kraft Papers, Color Boards, Chromo Papers, Bleached Kraft Papers, White Top Kraft Liners, L.W.C. Papers, Maplitho Papers, S.B.S Papers, Art Card, Sack Kraft Paper, Cellulose Paper, etc.

Our manufacturing units deliver the best quality of kraft paper products across the country. As a company, we possess the multifaceted infrastructure to cater to industries as diverse as textile, consumer durables industry, oil packaging industries and pharmaceutical industries. Our clients also include companies in the Foods and Beverages companies, Glass Industries, Auto Industries as well.

While manufacturing our product, we give special emphasis to the strength as well as, its resistance to yellowing in relation to the quality of the paper. Apart from white kraft paper, we often specialise in the production of brown Kraft paper, as well. This is largely dependent on the kind of base that we use, and whether it is bleached or unbleached.