Welcome to Saffron Industries Limited


Environment –

We impel on various eco friendly processes at our plant site for production of  paper. This is done by adopting modern technology and process innovations.

We have started a program which has created employment and livelihood opportunities for significant number of people even as the company sources its raw material requirement for the program on low-productive land.

Through our R&D activities, we have developed a large number of improved varieties. which provide higher yield as compared to traditional Method.

Better technology, Process innovation, Recycling, Re-use and minimizing Waste-water discharge has helped significantly reduce fresh water consumption & effluent generation paper in recent years.

Society –

At Saffron Industries Ltd we have always believed that true leadership is about developing leaders at all levels. Great companies are the result of motivated employees who act as leaders in their own sphere of work to drive the Company into the future.

Extensive investments are made toward society encouraging the spirit of entrepreneurship to become “leaders” in the Indian paper industry.

As we move forward to take on the challenges of tomorrow, it is the society  which is leading the journey of change from the forefront for Saffron Industries Ltd.

Technology Upgrade-

Over the past years Saffron Industries Ltd has endeavour to upgrade its manufacturing processes to create customer value. it has been a saga of continuous process development with an eye on the customer satisfaction.

Saffron Industries Ltd. has undergone major technical up-gradation in the machines and processes for manufacturing paper which has given a pathway of moving focus from commodity to branded and high value categories.

This transformation technology enables to bring together best practices across all functions of the organization to deliver highest value to all external and internal customers.

Quality & Customer Satisfaction –

The Company’s commitment and success in delivering high quality products and services to customers has been a major reason for its attaining and retaining a leadership position in the Indian Paper Industry. Saffron Industries Ltd obsession towards Quality and Customer Satisfaction is reflected in understanding and fulfillment of expectations of the customers.

The Company continues to conduct regular audit for its quality standards and customer satisfaction through research conducted in-house. This helps it to be in constant touch with changing customer preferences and develop its products to stay well ahead of the curve.