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About Company

About Company

At Saffron Industries Limited, we ensure that our clients receive the best quality Kraft and Newsprint paper to suit their needs.

In tune of untiring focus on providing the best quality and a wide range of paper products, it has led us to grow intensely in paper industry in India today.

We have specialist expertise in the manufacturing of Kraft Paper and Newsprint paper.SIL continues to endeavour towards the future progress & development to reach the peaks of the professions viz, Excellence, Expediency and Economy.

We can fulfill your need for the best quality kraft paper and newsprint paper requirements. With the best infrastructure and the top manufacturing units at our manufacturing unit, we can offer you high quality finished paper and fiber products, to meet your industrial needs.

Why Choose Us?


We provide best product in the industry at the most affordable prices to our customers.

Dedicated Expert
Team Mates

Our dedicated expertise continuously develops the production to maintain and achieve high quality standards.

24/7 Professional

We at SIL, strive hard to provide services by following up with our customer requests and suggestions.

Business Service

The business service team we have, helps our clients create what will make them stand out and outperform their competitors.

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